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Communicate with grace


Your relationships don't have to be this difficult

 There is so much pain being misunderstood and the frustration from not feeling heard can make you want to snap. But, you don’t have to. You also don’t have to go silent and choose not to say anything. Because the true success of your relationships is in your ability to communicate effectively, especially in the hard conversations.

IMAGINE how great parenting will feel when you and your partner are on the same page.

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I want to help you say exactly what needs to be said. I want to help you have those hard conversations. This is about having someone on your team to talk to before you go in to have this tough conversation. And, yes, it’s going to be hard, but you will be going in prepared, you will honor your feelings and I am going to teach you exactly how to do that. 

So, Sis. How long are you going to keep avoiding this conversation with your mother about your feelings of parenting differently than she did? Or setting that boundary once and for all because you are no longer willing to allow her behavior to negatively affect you. Let me help you get the words you need to talk to her, so she can understand where you’re coming from. 


Are you done avoiding therapy to address your childhood issues so you can better connect with your child(ren). Stop lying to yourself about the time you think you have. What you need is to get real with yourself about the work you need to do.

And while your career or business may be thriving, you know you are unfulfilled in your personal relationships.  So, stop going against your own boundaries for the sake of keeping the damn peace between you and your partner. Shake that shit up and stand on your voice. 

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So, if you're ready to take the next best step to transform the quality and enhance the foundation of your relationships through learning how to communicate better, I invite you to schedule your Hotline call!

I know you are tired of being misunderstood and frustrated with not feeling heard.

But check this out. Would you believe me if I told you it wasn’t your fault you were having a hard time with these conversations? While you’re silently judging yourself and robbing yourself of the grace you deserve, you haven’t taken into account the fact that you were never taught how to communicate in this way.


You didn’t get to experience or witness healthy ways of communicating in your family. Look at how your mama talked to you. How your parents went at it. You were accustomed to people sweeping issues under the rug, cussin each other out and people simply not taking responsibility for their behavior. How could you possibly know what to say to move the needle in your relationships? This one is not on you, hun. 

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STOP thinking that if you're silent long enough it will go away.

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Does this sound like you??


  • You struggle with being patient and communicating calmly

  • You are challenged with getting on the same page with your partner about parenting approaches

  • You experience fear and apprehension at the thought of having serious conversations out of fear for how others may react

  • Your conversations typically involve yelling or an argument with no solution


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Is a premier, on-demand Relational Communication Consulting Solution for you to get the tools and skills you need to have hard conversations and the ability to connect in the moment. 


Your relationships need to have a solid foundation of communication and you DESERVE the support to begin to see the fruits of what you can look forward to!


I'm here to support you, because I know you're having a hard time with these conversations. Let me help you.

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And you need SUPPORT in order to successfully communicate with grace. This is where THE HOTLINE™ comes in!


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20 minutes of POWER! Relational Communication strategy and technique to prepare you for your next hard conversation. Includes the exact words/script you need to say.

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Replay of our call (Zoom meeting) with the written strategy for you to refer back to. 

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Insight into R.A.M(Relationship Anchor Method) my proprietary method and process for establishing a solid foundation of communication




HOTLINE callers who refer another caller (up to 3 referrals) will get $50 off any subsequent call, following the completion of their initial call.

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I've been where you are, so imagine:

  • How great parenting will feel when you and your partner are on the same page.

  • How fulfilling it will be to know that your mother respects all of your parenting decisions without any side-eyes.

  • To know that you can have hard and uncomfortable conversations with your child(ren) because you are confident in your voice and able to connect with them. 

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When I tell you, I know what you are thinking. Take it from me-someone who is an excellent communicator and still has work to do to continue to improve.


That shame you feel about paying someone to help you say what you’ve been trying to get out, is natural.You deserve this support, your relationships, your peace of mind depends on this support.


Allowing me to help you offers the support you need to have these hard conversations with grace.

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It's Time To Learn To Communicate Better

Seeing first hand the effects of my childhood in my own parenting, raised by a single mother and a family system that struggled with addiction, there were a lot of things that weren’t talked about. Namely, how to navigate my most intimate relationships-especially, now in motherhood. Cause this shit is REAL! I have learned and continue to learn how critical it is to establish a baseline for communicating effectively in all of my relationships or they will be dead in the water. And as someone who is serious about moving the family culture forward, I’m determined to help you do the same for yourself. 

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