Fruit of Life has been in existence since 2008. While substitute teaching, I had a strong urge to be of service outside of the classroom as well. So, I decided I would tutor children and began a private tutoring company. I had no idea about starting a business or branding. I just knew I had the skills, motivation and was completely determined to help the kids excel. When I got to the next step of the process-determining a name, I was stumped, but only for a minute. I immediately went into prayer and asked God, what will the name be? (He gave me the idea, so naturally he would have the name, right?!) And BOOM it came to me, seconds later…

Fruit of Life

Children, their learning process, their special place and position in the world- to offer it so much more than anyone else because they will carry the torches much farther. I knew in my heart that if I could plant a seed of any kind within a child, that it would grow and the gift of that seed (knowledge) would keep on giving. I tutored successfully for the next 7 years. Early on I recognized that certain life skills and the learning process needed to go hand in hand. Especially, if the child was going to learn and retain at an optimal level. So, I created and incorporated skill building into my tutoring.

I eventually would evolve into a new role, which later was an extension of a position I held in my then, full time job. Fruit of Life started offering Family Recovery Counseling Services. This particular transition was short lived, even though I put so much into it. After a year and half, and not seeing any return on my investment. I got still and asked God. How can I serve? And BOOM, but this time the boom was bigger, louder and stronger. I would begin to embark on a business and personal journey that incorporated my skillset and also my current role- Motherhood.

I almost knew immediately exactly what I would be doing. But as life would have it, I was moving to fast and not trusting the process-yet! I quickly became aware that I would serve a very specific group of mothers and solve a very common but challenging problem. Giving Moms of Toddlers the confidence to Set and Stick to Boundaries. Because while the little folks are brilliant and our greatest accomplishment they are also off the chain! And they gave me, yes me, their mama a run for my money. But my skillset saved me!!!

Today, Fruit of Life has firmed up its foundation and roots and is grateful to be given the opportunity to pour into Mother’s so they can pour into their toddlers. I am finding that toddlerhood is a critical stage in their development, where our responsibility is so great to shape their character. To set them up with essential life skills (boundary setting) in particular during this phase.

Life skills are the foundation of a person’s success in effectively navigating their life in this world. From building and sustaining relationships to creating the next great business or idea, these essential life skills are the hub of of your toddlers development.

Essential Life Skills


*Boundary Setting*

Logic and Reasoning

Problem Solving