My take on Courage

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I believe that the true essence of our humanism is to be of service. And the cool part about it- is that we get to choose how we will serve! How we will fulfill our role in the life of someone else, in the world? I think that if we are able to acknowledge that each phase of our life allows us an opportunity to be of service, we can be better prepared for the next part of our journey. But why do we get scared when we already know there will be challenges along the way? 

My courage resonates in the recognition and acceptance of all my past experiences and challenges. I understand that all of life’s transitions will require a recovery period- a moment in time for me to regain courage to move forward-with grace. Even through all that I accomplished and overcame, fear of the unknown still got a hold of me. The awareness that I later recognized and accepted, was that in that particular season of my life I was not fully self-aware. Are we ever? I’m not sure, but I  do think it is possible. 

As a teenager, I had no clue as to what kind of courage I truly had. As I’ve gotten older my reservoir has grown deeper and I’ve become more courageous, but not without some moments of apprehension-well, because I’m human.  There was a time in my life, where courage was exactly what I needed to change my situation, but it was also the greatest fear I had of losing what I felt I built up. After a handful of relationships, friendships, and workships, I have learned that every transition has required a new level of faith and whole new crew of courage! 

 Courage is knowing you have to do something and no matter what it requires of you, you must see it through. 


Courage is knowing that your soul, the spirt of your life needs to be shared and will not rest until you operate in it. 

Courage is knowing that sometimes there are parts of you that you have no idea what the hell is going on, but you are willing to confront it and work through it. 

Courage is an intangible entity that you must exercise daily.

If I were to group some of the components of life together- for instance; spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and physical health. Could you do an honest assessment of how courageous you are in each of those areas? How would you make out? Would you be able to identify the aspects in those areas that needed addressing and how to go about it? I ask myself these questions to maintain some semblance of a system where I’m checking in honestly. 


Courage requires me to be honest with myself first.


Today, I experience a bit of fear when I think about how someone may respond to what I have to say. And I’m not talking about my well thought out, every word strategically placed conversation. I’m referring to my raw, unedited, first thing that comes to mind. For so long, I missed great opportunities to share my truth with others because I didn’t have the courage to tell them what was truly on my heart. Today, I still struggle with this, but am getting better. Communicating with courage has been huge for me. It’s also been the single most important factor in shifting some important parts of my life. 

So, I wonder do all of the shifts or pivots in our life begin with fear and lead us to courage? How exactly does it work? Is it that once we build ourselves up to doing that which scares us, we are in the clear or do we continue to build our mountain of courage and deepen our reservoir every step along the way?

For me, I’m learning that every day requires me to be intentional in building myself up, even when I’m not feeling very courageous or motivated. I truly believe that courage comes from the heart and fear is a matter of the mind. Learning how to navigate both is tricky as hell! The very existence of this piece has taken a lot of courage for me to write. God placed it in my spirit to write it, and naturally I was like, “hell yeah” especially because I have experienced the greatest challenge of all time-motherhood! I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing, just hoping, laughing and dance partying along the way. Holding on to every morsel of courage that blooms and learning to weave it throughout the legacy I’m building. 


Courage is knowing you have been given a gift-the opportunity to create a legacy and making it happen!


In our greatest purpose, I would venture to say that having courage to do anything is the greatest service to ourselves and to others. While there are a ton of variables that make us unique and even different, the one thing that connects us and disconnects us is our courage. 

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