"Olivia's style of counseling employs an effective mix of humor, honesty, and empathy that allowed me to feel as though I was opening up to a trusted confidant and loyal friend as opposed to a clinician. Kind, grounded, and wise beyond her years, Olivia has mastered the balance of structured guidance without micro-management and gave me the room I needed to grow while also making sure I felt supported and empowered along my journey of recovery.

I would warmly recommend Olivia's counseling services to any individual struggling with personal or mental health challenges. She deeply understands the healing power of listening and offered guidance that was compassionate and clearly tailored just for me. I plan to stay connected to Olivia as both a friend and trusted resource in recovery."

-Alexandra T.

"I have had the honor to work alongside Ms. Gordon in my professional life. It has also been a very precious gift to watch our professional relationship grow into a blossoming “Sistership”. Olivia possesses skill sets that are very unique to whom she is, while her passions and spirit align with her natural abilities. She will meet individuals and their families where they are at to establish a cohesion that has faltered and in some cases never has existed. In gaining just a minimal background, Olivia can assess and appropriately find a starting point to create space for healing. Once the awareness of the situation is grounded in facts, Olivia can take that information, analyze the dysfunction and develop a plan of action. This includes establishing healthy boundaries, clearer communication between all parties and a structure that is effective. It is beautiful to watch the energy that Olivia puts into families because she truly makes a difference and I have been fortunate to witness it!"

-Hillary B.

"We’ve known Olivia for over 7 years and have found her to be invaluable as both a tutor and a resource for our two sons.   Our youngest son has ADHD and from the first time he worked with Olivia, you could sense a real change.  He really responded to her teaching methods and looked forward to each and every session with her.   Although he was able to keep up with most subjects in school, we discovered he really learned best in one on one tutoring sessions.   Olivia provided the spark, the challenge, the information and the motivation he needed for his learning “light bulb” to come on.   He tutored with Olivia for 3 years, until she moved out of state.   She was such an inspiration to him that he “insisted” we find another tutor just like her.   Olivia started him on a learning journey which added immeasurably to his academic and social achievements in school.  He’s kept in touch with her over the years and always looks forward to sharing with her his accomplishments and progress in both his academic and personal life.   He is now a senior in high school and looking forward to graduating.   His first invitation will go to Olivia!

Our oldest son had a different set of challenges in life.  He got in with the wrong crowd in High School and started down a terrible path of drug abuse.   Olivia has provided our family with invaluable insight, encouragement, and expertise in dealing with young adults who find themselves hopelessly addicted to substance abuse.   Her counsel has been most appreciated and has helped our family understand the challenges of addiction, recovery and how to best help not only the addict but also the family of the addict.   Her background and skills come from a unique perspective of dealing with recovering addicts on a daily basis.  If you find yourself facing a family crisis as a result of a child or family member’s addictive behaviors, you’ll have a true ally and advocate in Olivia Gordon." 

-Jeff and Paula D.