Activate your confidence to acquire the skill to set and stick to boundaries with your toddler


You’ve got the awareness to know that it’s time for change. Every area of your life is beginning to suffer and that is not what you want for yourself and especially not for your family. You know that you are more than your set of challenges right now. While they are still so small and very new to the world and to you, they are very in tune. And, they learn by example! 


So, now is the time to connect all of your dots. Taking the awareness, you have and coupling it with effective strategies and tools to create the path for how you want to manage motherhood. Increasing your communication skills so you can set confident boundaries with your toddler. Learning the best ways to support yourself, especially during times of frustration so that you can be intentional and calm during challenging moments. Learning how to check back in with yourself, so you can easily be more present and in the moment with your girls. These are just a few of the things that you will learn and come to master, when you choose to work on your growth and development! And just think, the confidence you will exude will start to permeate other areas of your life, moving you into space where you are parenting with all the confidence!

So, let’s get to it and really take a deeper look into Boundaries.

Boundaries are:

  • The physical manifestation of what you verbally communicate.

  • The value you place on respect for yourself and others.

  • An integral part of the foundation and structure you provide for your child (ren) to learn what is expected of them.

  • Important for building character and integrity.

  • An essential life skill that supports effective navigation in life and relationships.

  • Life savers, literally.

What does the process look like to begin to develop confidence and establish boundaries?

I invite you to go on a 90 day journey with me as we grow and develop your confidence to set effective boundaries that will increase manageability of daily routines and challenging behaviors with your little one(s).

You’re tired of feeling the emotional guilt, frustration, anxiety and overwhelm when you don’t know how to handle your toddler and some of their behaviors. You just want it to be easier, be over, get better.

The struggle is real!

And you know…

  • that you don’t want your child(ren) to grow up expecting to be instantly gratified.

  • that you’re up against the clock to get some order and manageability before they start school.

  • you want your little one to develop the ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Below is a snap shot of what your learning journey will look like when we work together. It is so important that I provide you with the fundamental and foundational life skills that will set you and your toddler up for success.

Engaging in this process will:

  • Increase your confidence and skill in your ability to set boundaries.

  • Eliminate the feelings of guilt when your child is unhappy.

  • Provide strategies that reduce the overwhelm and stress when you need to make a decision about what to do when behaviors become challenging.

  • Give you new tools that have life time use for you and your toddler.

  • Educate you on how to operate from a place of knowing what the desired behavior is.

  • Demonstrate how to integrate techniques to teach you child how to further develop their thought process so they can begin to learn how to regulate their emotions.

  • Help you teach your child how to be responsible for their behavior.

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