Olivia Gordon

Hey there! I’m Olivia Gordon the founder of  Fruit of Life. I get in the trenches with mamas to guide them into an eye-opening, understanding space where growth, healing, transformation and recovery occur.  

God blessed me with a keen ear, a fierce ability to assess and analyze situations, the gift of pausing and a heart of service for ensuring there is a viable solution to every challenge, for every mama! I love a sharp, sassy shoe with a pop of color and some texture- to make you say ‘Oooh Girl’! And there’s nothing like a head-turning hand bag!

I think that my heart’s greatest desire is being fulfilled through watching my children grow! I observed at an early age that the caliber of our world is rooted in the care and attention of the worlds children. With all that we know is bad and wrong, we should also acknowledge all that is incredible and fulfilling!

To date, my greatest challenge has been motherhood! Welcomed, for sure but definitely experienced my greatest blows.The blow to my self care, my ego, a piece of my freedom, and at times my mind! But I learned that my pre existing skillset and the one I was developing as a new mama would serve me well. I was going to make damn sure of it!

I have been gracefully elevated into my purpose in life, hella determination and pure desire. It is beyond important to me that our children, our seeds, the fruits of this life are well-equipped to navigate through this world and effectively handle all that will happen to them and for them. It’s the only way I can find peace in knowing that once my babies leave my care they will always be more than ok!


  • I am a mama of two wide open kiddos (1 &3)!

  • Old school R&B will make me bust out in a dance anywhere, anytime!

  • I believe that I was a comedian in another life!

  • Home-made brownies out the box-throw the whole meal plan away, I can’t say no!

  • If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to teleport!

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