Fruit of Life represents and values faith, community and connection, communication, family and the future!

What I know to be true, is that at the core of every human being, especially women, these values are the heartbeat of how we operate. It is no surprise that we would be so priveldged to be charged with such a responsibility as motherhood. It ain’t for the faint at heart and definitely requires the capacity of a full-time staff at a small business.

So, we are accountability partners, we are teammates, we are sisters in motherhood-evoking the confidence and integrating your greatness! To know that you can be the sexy, sultry, highly intelligent, out of the box thinker, style killer for days, sense of humor having, faith walking and believing, always making sure to handle business, always leaving an impression everywhere you go woman. The one you always have been. We will just add a few more tools to your construction set, so you can effectively jack hammer, chisel and bull doze your way through the adventures of womanhood and motherhood.





Confidence Coaching for Moms of Toddlers to Aquire the Skill of Boundary Setting


To always make sure you have everything you need. To give you the tools so you can exude confidence in your ability as an individual and as a mother. And to ensure your child(ren) experience success while navigating through this world!


"We’ve known Olivia for over 7 years and have found her to be invaluable as both a tutor and a resource for our two sons.   Our youngest son has ADHD and from the first time he worked with Olivia, you could sense a real change.  He really responded to her teaching methods and looked forward to each and every session with her.   Although he was able to keep up with most subjects in school, we discovered he really learned best in one on one tutoring sessions.   Olivia provided the spark, the challenge, the information and the motivation he needed for his learning “light bulb” to come on.   He tutored with Olivia for 3 years, until she moved out of state.   She was such an inspiration to him that he “insisted” we find another tutor just like her.   Olivia started him on a learning journey which added immeasurably to his academic and social achievements in school.  He’s kept in touch with her over the years and always looks forward to sharing with her his accomplishments and progress in both his academic and personal life.   He is now a senior in high school and looking forward to graduating.   His first invitation will go to Olivia!"

-Jeff and Paula D.